Excellence Properties is a real estate company with collaborative experts/partners in the field of real estate and investment projects, we have several projects with the luxury objects and profitable investments Our website Excellence.Properties is open to everyone, whether you are a private, entrepreneur broker or investor you can offer your items under your own management for long-term rental and sale.

Excellence can also arrange the sale or rental for you. We have contacts in various countries that know the regulations and laws we can arrange these services at a competitive fee.

Excellence is constantly looking for new investment projects houses, apartments and businesses.

Excellencexperts is a develop and construction company from Excellence
For more information look at www.excellencexperts.nl

What do we do?

Excellence is an enterprise with cooperating experts and partners an has it’s foundations in the Netherlands. We mediate in selling and buying (exclusive) real estate and are actively discovering and researching lucrative investment opportunities for both individuals and investors in places like Southern Europe. Besides that we are operating in the area of construction service and property management, We organise the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing real estate but also the building of prefab homes. An additional service we offer is the management and keyservice of (recreational/tourist) buildings worldwide.

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In condition to be able to offer these services to you we collaborate with professional and reliable partners which we selected with care.

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In our blog we tell you a little more about our activities, interesting projects and investment opportunities we would like to share with you. We also regularly write other related (new)articles about things like the beautiful countries we are operating in and what they have to offer.

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