Budva – Exclusive Luxurious villa with swimming pool – village of Rezevici. Montenegro

€ 2,600,000,00
Property type:Rent - Exclusive
Area (Sq Ft)

The space

  • Land Size: 700
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Montenegro: 03012048


  • 1 line of sea
  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm system
  • Balcony
  • Basement
  • Bathtub
  • Boiler
  • By a quiet road
  • By water
  • Dining room
  • Fireplace
  • Garage
  • Garage / Parking
  • Outside of city/village
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Views to ocean
  • Wireless Internet


Luxurious villa for sale with a total area of 465 m2 on a plot of 700 m2 in the village of Rezevici. The structure of the villa:

On the first floor: entrance hall, kitchen-dining room, living room, bathroom, laundry room, dressing room.
On the second floor: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, office, and dressing room.
On the third floor: an entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room.
Before proceeding to construction, the owners of the villa spent a lot of time and attention on designing the future residential complex and homestead land. In the creation of this masterpiece, experienced agronomists took an active part, as well as employees of Mondo Verde and Ekoplant nurseries. With their direct participation, more than 600 trees and bushes were planted, among which are fruit trees, and rare species of palms and olives. In order for plants to feel comfortable, more than 500 cubic meters of fertile land was brought to the site, and an automatic drip irrigation system was installed. The designers who worked on the project were able to realize all the wishes of the customer and bring their own vision, which benefited the whole complex.
One of the important components of the external appearance of the villa is white marble. It was brought from the Macedonian town Prilep, where the extraction of this material began two and a half thousand years ago. Since it became subsequently known throughout the world, this marble has unique qualities – dazzling whiteness and surprisingly low thermal conductivity.
The method of the hinged ventilated facade, used for the installation of this remarkable material, reliably protects against moisture accumulation and guarantees a high level of heat and sound insulation. In addition, the method used prevents the deformation of marble, which, as practice shows, is unavoidable under temperature fluctuations, and thus excludes the appearance of cracks on it.

Facts about villa:

– The entire fence around the borders of the plot and inside the site, the main gate, an additional access to the sea, a garage, railings are made of stainless steel of increased corrosion resistance.
– The house is equipped with a comfortable, noiseless sewage system using Geberit Silent PP pipes.
– On the 2nd and 3rd floors of the house high quality oak parquet Listone Giordano (Italy) is laid.
– In construction the main building and utility rooms, only high-quality materials from Austria and Germany were used.
– All basement rooms are equipped with air-supply ventilation and air driers from Dantherm (Denmark).
– The external drainage system is installed under the facade of the building and is made of silent pipes Geberit Silent PP, and therefore it is completely invisible.
– The house is equipped with an autonomous station-septic tank Topas 10 (Czech Republic) – a high-tech aerobic sewage treatment system designed for 10 people.
– Six solar panels Weishaupt (Germany) are integrated into the system of heat engineering of the house.
– The complex has two independent city telephone lines.
– In installation of the electrical equipment in the house materials of the company Legrand have been used.
– The water supply system in the house is made of reliable and durable plastic pipes Geberit Mepla.
– In the basement of the house there is a filtration station for coarse and fine water.
– Control of almost all the functions of the microclimate in the house (in each room separately) can be carried out through a computer, tablet or phone.
– The electricity input to the house is organized through a three-phase voltage regulator Ortea Orion Y 80 (Italy), equipped with an intelligent protection against sudden surges.
– – For autonomous power supply in the garage, a diesel generator Caterpillar GEP 65-9 Olimpian with a total capacity of up to 48 kW is installed.
– Maximum ecological compatibility of the project. When finishing the area, walls, paths and stairs, only natural stone was used: granite and marble.
– 10 professional video cameras are distributed throughout the site and on the adjacent territory.
– The security system is activated at the slightest movement inside the villa in the absence of its inhabitants.
– Several alarm buttons are connected to the alarm panel in case of an emergency.
– The villa is under round-the-clock protection of a promptly responsive service.

Water lovers at any time of the year will also not feel deprived – the villa has a beautiful pool of 80 cubic meters, equipped with a pavilion with a sliding mechanism, a Colorex PPT45BLY thermal station and a water filtration and disinfection system.
Performed in accordance with the highest world standards, the pool has a rich functionality and is able to satisfy the most refined taste.

It is worth noting that insulation works play one of the leading roles, since it was strictly controlled at each stage of construction. When constructing all the structures, only high-quality materials of German and Austrian production were used – this applies both to the main building and to the auxiliary premises. Additionally, the supply ventilation and air dryers of Dantherm (Denmark) are installed all the basement rooms.

The villa is equipped with the latest technology and represents a remarkable combination of the latest scientific developments, bold design solutions and amazing unity with nature. Regardless of the outside temperature, the most pleasant and comfortable climate inside the main building is maintained by the Daikin chiller with inverter-driven compressors with a wide range of controls. All rooms have their own independent microclimate control system, and, depending on the design, are equipped with cassette or floor fan coil units.

All bathrooms and laundry rooms have installed water floor heating and water towel warmers Vogel & Noot (Austria). Sewerage, filtration of water, electricity – everything works smoothly and reliably, as a result of which the owners do not have to spend their time on household problems.

On the entire first floor there is an independent electric floor heating with four autonomous zones. The control is carried out through a programmable sensor thermostat with an integrated air temperature sensor. The systems that regulate the level of comfort of residents are made of quality materials from the world’s leading brands in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy and Spain. In the complex there are absolutely no defects, as often happens in new buildings – on the contrary, the villa is ready for living.
• Region: Budva
• City: Budva
• Type: Villa
• Area: 465 m²
• Bedrooms: 4
• Sea view
• Price: 2.600.000€

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